Aurum Jewelry

Beautifully designed, handmade pieces of fine jewelry.

Barbara Soule

An amazing artist and super mom. She sells the softest Organic Cotton t-shirts, baby clothes, and much more. All organic and USA made.


Avery talented ceramic artist as well as a fabulous cook.

Carlos Mascherin

A fabulous photographer, painter, and artist.

Communication Arts

Great place for finding ideas and new sites. Also great place to look for Creative Jobs.

Digital Thread

Check out the Web gallery Avent. It's a good Place to see the newest in interactive web design.


An awesome resource for free fonts.


Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy lets you shop by color, place, time, and material.

Pricilla Fossek

An amazing painter! She has mastered the art of color. She is also my mentor and has taught me all about color and oil painting.

Pull Inc.

A highly creative company.

Mis-Printed type

Cool Drawings and collages and fun fonts.

Standing On Marbles

Deep + soulful Mixed media master pieces.


A personal photosite.