An open window overlooks a sweeping valley of vineyards in Bordeaux, a girl sits contemplating the horizon on a windswept beach, a bright purple door beckons warmly against a well-worn terracotta wall. Tegan Hope Duffy's exploration with texture and sumptuous layers of color and light transport the viewer to a new landscape and evoke a connection, perhaps familiar or perhaps entirely new to the viewer. Her oil paintings, jewelry and graphic design are all inspired by a life of travel and a curiosity of the world around her. Honed by years of study, and gifted with a talent that cannot be learned, Tegan's paintings draw the viewer into her perspective on the world that is rich with depth and feeling and a sense of place.

Like most fine artists, Tegan discovered her passion for art in her childhood, taking art classes and summer workshops throughout her school years. After high school, she attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design whereupon she completed her coursework in drawing. Anxious to explore the world around her, she moved to Paris the following summer to attend the world-renowned Sorbonne University. The art, history and culture of Europe enticed her to return the following summer to Italy where she was enrolled in an exchange program through Florida State University. She had the good fortune to study with some of the best art instructors in Europe and began to excel in many aspects of the art world. Tegan earned her Bachelors Degree in 1995 from The University of San Francisco and The Academy of Art. She went on to study Graphic Design and received a certificate in visual Communication and Design from The University of Santa Barbara, California.

In addition to painting and jewelry creation, Tegan has had a successful career as a graphic designer, from creating movie posters for the film industry to the design and layout of catalogs for a major clothing design/manufacturer to designing websites in the ‘internet era’ of the late 1990's. Tegan paints and designs in Ojai, California, where she lives with her husband Rob and their dog Sasha.